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My water view during one of my many train rides. Train tip: ask to be on the water side when getting your seat assignment.

My water view during one of my many train rides. Train tip: ask to be on the water side when getting your seat assignment.

I am a Washingtonian.  I grew up in Vancouver (The ‘Couv to locals), went to college in Tacoma and now live in the heart of Seattle.  What this means is that I know the I-5 corridor like it’s my job.  I’m quite confident that if you add up my journeys between Seattle and Vancouver it could possibly total the distance between here and the sun.

My usual train snack.

My usual train snack.

A few years ago a friend suggested that I swap my car for the train for my monthly journey down South.  I had ridden plenty of trains during trips overseas, but for some reason had ignored this gem in my backyard.  I immediately booked my ticket and haven’t looked back.  Riding the rails has taken the stress out of travel.  I board the train, head to the dining car for some treats, and settle in for a movie, some work or just watching the countryside whiz by.  Before I know it, I’m at my destination.

An added bonus, Seattle’s King Street Station just received a gorgeous makeover that is definitely worth the trip to the station – check out a sneak peek:

Also, a tip for sports fans, the train drops you off right next to CenturyLink and Safeco – so you can save your parking fare and spend it on some kettlecorn or a hotdog at the game.

Whether you are coming from or going to Seattle, I recommend giving the train a try.  You can thank me later.

Some handy resources:

Amtrak – great for trips along the I-5 corridor

Rocky Mountaineer – adventure journeys

Link Light Rail – short city jaunts, great to get to and from the airport



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