Seattle is home to a new group of heroes

Go beyond Seattle’s explosive food scene, pervasive music culture and deafening sports fandom to discover the next thing to make Seattle one of the hottest cities in the country: ABC’s new drama, Station 19.

Dig into the local spots that fuel this hit drama every Thursday night on ABC.



Station 19

From the cast


Station 19

2800 15th Avenue

Home to ABC’s newest crew of Seattle-based firefighters.

Visitor Tip:

In reality, the building is Seattle's Fire Station 20. It is located in the Interbay neighborhood, along the west side of Queen Anne.

  • Exterior of a fire station
  • Two uniformed firefighters standing in front of a fire truck

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

100 4th Ave

The home-base of Grey’s Anatomy and former workplace of Ben Warren, the former anesthesiologist-turned-rookie firefighter at Station 19. Featured in multiple episodes of Station 19, including the initial crossover TV event.

Visitor Tip:

The "hospital" is actually KOMO Plaza, which sits in the shadow of the Space Needle, across from Seattle Center.

  • The exterior of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital from Grey's Anatomy -- a white building covered with green glass windows.

Memorial to Fallen Firefighters

148 S Main St

An icon centered in Seattle’s Occidental Square, Maya runs around this memorial while Andy is trying to talk to her in the initial episode of Station 19.

Visitor Tip:

The park and memorial statue can be found in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square neighborhood.

  • Two women talking and sitting at a table in Seattle's Occidental Park, near the Memorial to Fallen Firefighters.
  • A woman in Seattle's Occidental Park, running past the Memorial to Fallen Firefighters.

Magnolia Neighborhood

2457 43rd Avenue West

Tiffany, the homeowner in the Station 19 pilot episode, resides in this charming Seattle neighborhood.

Visitor Tip:

You can find the house (unharmed by fire) in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, just south of Discovery Park.

  • A tree with red leaves, behind which is a cottage house burning down. Smoke fills the air and flames glow in the side window.
  • Firefighters coming out of a cream house with dark red trim. There is a ladder propped against the roof and the firefighters carry hoses.



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