Float Seattle

Float Seattle has been voted Seattle’s Best Float Studio. Our world-class float center offers all the features you need to relieve stress, overcome physical pains, and unplug from the noise of a busy world.

Our goal is to reshape lives. We bet the farm in hopes that people were looking to make positive changes. We scraped together money from friends and family to risk it all on something we really believe in. If this float center seems home grown and grassroots – that’s because it is.

They’re called Floatation tanks, Isolation tanks, Sensory deprivation tanks – and they’re incredible. You have stress – floating in a float tank will help deal with it. You are in control of the floatation experience, and while it seems a little strange in the beginning, you’ll see that is unlike anything else in the world. We could go on, but you’ll never know until you try floating. Check us out.


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