Experience Park Tours

Experience Park Tours

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Our day trips are all-inclusive, and include tipping, transportation in the deluxe Limo Liner, a personal chef onboard, and an expert guide to accompany and inform you of the park attractions.
Travelers that have signed up for the 12 hour tour will meet in the morning in the heart of downtown Seattle to board the Limo Liner to take the two hour scenic drive to Mt. Rainier National Park.
On this tour, you will have the opportunity to explore famous regions such as Nisqually, Paradise, and Longmire. We will walk through luscious wildflower meadows and see a stunning view of Rainier. Our guests will marvel at the giant, ancient trees of Patriarchs Island, and will get to see glacial waterfalls that will freeze their world for a moment. The tour will end during the golden hour at the iconic Cougar Rock where the group will stop to watch the sunset and enjoy freshly made hors d’oeuvres by our personal chef- soaking in the last moments of an unimaginable day.


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