Viking Lecture Series: How to Build a Viking Ship

4/20/2019 | Nordic Museum

Readings & Lectures Fremont/Ballard

Thomas Søes Finderup, is a Danish boat builder and have worked as such for the last 32 years. For 18 years he has worked on building Viking ships and medieval ships, imitating the ships from these eras down to the smallest detail. The work has been done with exact copies of the Vikings’ tools and with Viking working methods. The latest Viking ship Mr. Finderup was involved in building was the Saga Oseberg, which is a reconstruction of the most spectacular Viking ship ever found. The Oseberg ship is dated to 830 and was found in a burial mound in Norway, in 1903. Ships like these contributed to the Vikings having such a great influence on their time – both in trade and war. Mr. Finderup’s talk will be based on the work with the Saga Oseberg, and will include how the Vikings built their ships, what working methods and tools they used.


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