The Last Class: A Jazzercize Play

Now through 4/29/2018 | ACT Theatre

Theatre Downtown

Jazzercize is out. Zumba is in. But instructor Kelsea Wiggan is not going down without a fight. Armed with pep, a petition, and her conflict adverse co-instructor, MJ Fray, Kelsea is determined to keep Jazzercize alive at The Chikatawnee Valley Community Center. Will Zumba win out or will Kelsea save her Jazzercize class from extinction? The Last Class is an exploration of what happens when you’ve invested your time, money, and life into a dying franchise that needs resuscitation. For a struggling entrepreneur, sometimes your problems become too big to just “sweat it out”. The Last Class is a real aerobics class happening in real time. Along with the standard audience seating, two tickets will be made available each performance for audience members wanting to take the class. Students of the class must wear proper workout attire. Get ready to SWEAT!


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