Surrogate Cities

4/25/2019 through 4/27/2019 | Benaroya Hall

Music Downtown

A multimedia extravaganza by the German composer and theater artist Heiner Goebbels, studies the essence of a modern metropolis — its people, its power structures and its place in a changing world — with the world premiere of a new piece woven into Surrogate Cities. The music, like the city itself, is both organic and structured, a blur of human and machine-made sounds enhanced with striking visual effects. Texts by Paul Auster and Hugo Hamilton, two of the great novelists of urban life, supply a gritty script. Vocalist Jocelyn B. Smith brings the sultry intimacy of a cabaret singer, and David Moss delivers an explosive vocal performance that ranges from laconic film noir narration to hallucinogenic outbursts. As our city continues its rapid transformation, this timely performance offers surprising new angles of self-reflection.


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