Robert Schultz: Drawings in Silverpoint

Now through 6/2/2018 | Prographica

Visual Arts & Galleries Capitol Hill/Central District

Robert Schultz’s upcoming exhibition features a series of new silverpoint drawings, the artist’s preferred medium for the past 10 years. The involved process for these works begins with a sketchbook study in red pencil to work out composition and lighting. Then, he proceeds to draw with a silver stylus on a seven- layered gessoed panel. The inherent nature of silverpoint drawings is a particular challenge due to the unforgiving nature of this old master medium. Each mark with the silver stylus is permanent and tonal shifts must be carefully executed. Schultz’s signature technique and attention to detail goes seemingly beyond the ability of the human eye to capture information. His drawings speak not only of his uncompromising diligence, but also capture his passion of working from the live model and his deep connection with each individual subject.


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