Nick Thorkelson

4/19/2019 | Elliott Bay Book Company

Readings & Lectures Capitol Hill/Central District

Boston cartoonist Nick Thorkelson speaks about his book, Herbert Marcuse, Philosopher of Utopia (City Lights), a graphic biography of the life and work of the respected modern philosopher. From his youth in Weimar Germany and early studies with Martin Heidegger, to his flight from Nazi Germany with Frankfurt School colleagues, to his rise as one of its major theorists along with Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin, to his status as a countercultural icon, readers are introduced to the development of Marcuse’s philosophical theories and the political realities that shaped his work. Often referred to as the unofficial faculty advisor to the New Left, Marcuse’s controversial critique of the “comfortable unfreedoms” of post-WWII capitalism entered popular consciousness with the 1964 publication of One-Dimensional Man,.


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