Life Wide Angle/Close-up

Now through 4/19/2020 | Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

Museums International District

Borne of the necessities of survival and the restrictions of racism, ethnic enclaves arose to form vibrant communities where newcomers could bring a taste of home. Chinatowns, Nihonmachis, Little Manilas, and others arose in the early 20th centuries, in neighborhoods where early immigrants had established themselves, and thrived in communities where neglect meant housing was affordable. Set within a backdrop of the rise of gentrification across the United States, this exhibit will spark conversation about what goes into making healthy and sustainable communities, what they contribute to the larger society, and strategies and policies that can protect and support them. Curated by photographer Carina A. del Rosario, this multi-media photography-based exhibit features artists Dean Wong, Mel Ponder, Andrew Hida, and the Chinatown Art Brigade collective.


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