Jenny Schmid – Wildness Lost

Now through 10/27/2018 | Davidson Galleries

Visual Arts & Galleries Pioneer Square

This newest body of work, Wildness Lost, takes a new turn to connect with environmental themes through the use of mythical figures. These figures confront the realities of encroaching technology and diminishing wilderness while continuing the search for utopian ideals and indulging in desire as a form of resistance. This group of etchings is inspired by the history of fantastical beasts in printed imagery from the 1500s and 1600s. These creatures were invented out of a need to simultaneously propagate an ideal and escape from confining social expectations. For example, The Wild People are mythical human-beast hybrids who were free of societal constraints and morality. They were a precursor to the myth of the contemporary Yeti, who is normally depicted as a solitary figure (but falls in love with a human girl in a clear-cut forest in my recent piece The Wildness).


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