Intrinsic Factor with Quincy Einsten & Tiger Blonde

6/6/2019 | Rendezvous JewelBox Theater

Music Downtown

Intrinsic Factor is a rock quartet from Seattle that provides a dynamic live experience. Formed as a quartet in 1893 as the research division of the US-based American Association of Music Electronics, the original Intrinsic Factor grew in prominence through the end of the 19th century until the untimely death of its original cellist, Isiah J. Antonio, in 1912 when he was electrocuted attempting to create an audio distortion machine. His instruments and equipment, which were thought destroyed in the accident, have been rebuilt into the guitars, basses, and drums you see in today’s quartet. Although the technology has changed, the core fundamentals of the sound—fuzzy guitar tones with earthy notes, strong rhythmic undertones, and a punchy finish—have remained.


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