Now through 6/29/2019 | Harris Harvey Gallery

Visual Arts & Galleries Downtown

An exhibition highlighting two artists exploring space and color through meditations on nature, Carole Barrer and Mark Butler. Barrer’s paintings convey a sense of natural phenomena with interplay of color. The smallest intricacies of nature are points of inspiration for the artist. A wisp of cirrus cloud, transformed by changing light; filtered green sunlight in a deep forest; breeze rippled water; the variegated fur of a dog’s haunch are abstractly portrayed in her works. Often resembling seascapes or blankets of clouds, her work does not represent a particular scene or landscape, but is a poetic response to the nuances discovered in natural environments. Her practice of alternating application of complimentary hues increases the perceptual richness of each piece. Barrer glazes countless layers of pigment in order to enhance the color subtlety and complexity of the work, thus inviting extended contemplation by the viewer. Barrer’s paintings are experiential and meditative.


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