Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Burn Those Winter Calories on the Seattle Urban Trek

Now that spring is officially here and the weather has changed, running season is upon us.  Whether you are a hard core marathoner or weekend warrior, there is a new race in Seattle that is destined to grab your attention.

Has anyone seen a wheel?

Has anyone seen a wheel?

The Seattle Urban Trek, set to take place on April 27, is a new urban adventure race.  Adventure racing is a team sport that will run or walk three-member teams throughout the downtown core to complete a series of checkpoints at many of the top tourist destinations in Seattle with fun challenges along the way.


Need a book.

Need a book.

Whether you are a lifelong Seattleite looking for a good excuse to see the tourist destinations in your hometown, a recent transplant looking for a crash course in the downtown core or a tourist looking for a unique way to experience the city, the Seattle Urban Trek will challenge your wit and grit and leave you and your teammates with many great memories along the way.

Anyone still down there

Anyone still down there?

Teams will meet on the waterfront at Bell Harbor at 8 a.m. on Saturday April 27th.  Once there, they will learn the checkpoints and have an hour to plot their course for a 9 a.m. start.  This 7-10 mile course stretches from the Space Needle to the North, the Stadiums to the South, the waterfront to the West and I-5 to the East.  There are many routes from which to choose to hit all the checkpoints.  Some may be longer, some may have more hills, and some may have more pubs along the way so it will be up to individual teams to decide the best route for them.

Is that the sun

Is that the sun?

On Monday, our entire Seattle Sports Commission team took a test run of the course.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of us at the checkpoints.  Or, are they the real checkpoints?  Monday was April Fool’s Day.  Did you really think we would tip the checkpoints this early?

Finally I found it

Finally, I found it!

Think the Space Needle will be a checkpoint?  How about the Smith Tower or the Pike Place Market?  Give us your best guess of 10 checkpoints and start plotting your course now.


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Kevin Ticen was a Director of Marketing & Communicatons for the Seattle Sports Commission. He is a former Husky baseball player who enjoys travelling, coaching baseball and chasing his kids around Queen Anne. He can be found taking pictures, working in his yard or smashing golf balls around the course. although usually not straight. He hasn’t decided if the beer is better in Seattle or Austria so he loves to enjoy both.

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    Wow looks like a great run, lets hope for great weather…or just good weather.

    Our Team from ShelterBox will be running with one of our Shelterboxes to raise awareness and money for the important work we do in the disaster world.
    Watch for the team with a big Green box!

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