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#SeattleRidesKayaks, paddleboards, float planes and ferries. Bicycles, skateboards, mopeds and more. Seattle’s unique environment allows for all kinds of fun and different modes of transportation. Where else can you kayak around an arboretum, then pull up at the dock for lunch? Or ride your bike along a 27 mile trail that goes from city to suburb, following waterfront and river? Or better yet! Take the 16 passenger pedal powered CycleSaloon for a brewery tour and drink your purchases on board! Now that’s my kind of ride…

To celebrate all of the unique ways that Seattle gets around, we’re doing something special for our friends down in Santa Monica, CA. We’ve hired 10 pedicabs, all wrapped up in pretty Seattle skylines, and we plan on making their last weekend in town (October 27 & 28) free for everyone! We are asking for your help, however, to show off Seattle and show those LA residents how we roll! If people tweet photos of fun and unique Seattle modes of transportation to the hashtag #SeattleRides, we’re unlocking free pedicabs and we get to show Santa Monica how awesome and generous this town is. Maybe we’ll even inspire them to take a little trip up here to visit us.

We need your help, Seattle! Let’s get tweeting!

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Kristen Star

Kristen Star was a former Marketing Manager at Visit Seattle. She is a music-loving, craft beer-drinking, almost native Seattleite. Her favorite way to spend the day is restaurant-hopping around town, usually starting close to home in the Pike Place Market.

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