Taking The Animals To The Farm

By Kevin Ticen

Remlinger Farms

Pumpkin Picking at Remlinger Farms

Ever have those days where you get utterly dominated by your kids and desperately need something to do to get them out of the house?  It feels like every Saturday for me.  Luckily, there are many great activities to do in Seattle where the animals can get out into nature and burn off that energy!

Today, I write about the wonderful Remlinger Farms in Carnation, a short 27 mile drive from downtown Seattle, and all the great experiences for your kids to enjoy.  From Mother’s Day to Halloween, kids can enjoy picking berries and pumpkins, riding many fun attractions, interacting with farm animals and eating great pies.  The experiences, memories, and most importantly, energy burned make Remlinger a great destination.

Picking Berries

Taking my kids to pick berries is one of my favorite activities to do with them.  The joy and excitement they get when they pluck the berry off the plant and into the basket is awesome.  It’s like watching them reel in a fish knowing that I don’t have to hit anything over to the head to get it back to the house!  The best part is tricking them into eating something healthy every time a berry finds their mouth.


Remlinger Farms is also loaded with great rides and barnyard activities for your kids.  My kids love the train ride along the Tolt River and checking out the goats and sheep.  Watching my three year old feed the sheep is always one of the most fun experiences.  He is never quite sure if the sheep are more interested in eating him or the feed in his hand.  It’s a moment that only a video camera can do justice.

So, the next time the animals have taken over the farm, hop in the car and shoot across Lake Washington to Remlinger Farms.  There your kids will experience the joys of farm living, and you, the joys of knowing they will go to bed early that night.  My last tip for this trip is to swing in to the restaurant and buy a pie to take home.  After all the walking you did chasing your kids around, you have certainly earned it.

What is your funniest moment taking the animals to the farm?

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Kevin Ticen

Kevin Ticen was a Director of Marketing & Communicatons for the Seattle Sports Commission. He is a former Husky baseball player who enjoys travelling, coaching baseball and chasing his kids around Queen Anne. He can be found taking pictures, working in his yard or smashing golf balls around the course. although usually not straight. He hasn’t decided if the beer is better in Seattle or Austria so he loves to enjoy both.

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