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“We were sitting by the water, trying to decide what to do when we saw this plane fly in over our heads and land in the lake. We figured this was probably the only time we were going to get to do that!” the women from Florida explained as we all headed down the dock toward the tiny, seven-passenger Kenmore Air float plane. As the pilot helped each of us up the steps onto the plane and we buckled our seat belts and put on our big seafoam green headphones, I started to get pretty excited about the 20 minutes that lay ahead of me.

Picture-Perfect Views

Picture Perfect View

Kenmore Air is one of the largest seaplane operations in the world. They fly from Seattle to the San Juan Islands, Vancouver and Victoria, BC and more. If you’re just looking for a quick trip around the city and some amazing views, however, they take off from Lake Union and fly you around the city, over some of the biggest attractions and tallest buildings and land again, gliding effortlessly into the water and taxing back to the dock. Where else but Seattle can you experience something so unique?

Seattle From a Float Plane

Seattle From a Float Plane

For more information on Kenmore Air’s flights and scenic flightseeing tours, visit 

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Kristen Star was a former Marketing Manager at Visit Seattle. She is a music-loving, craft beer-drinking, almost native Seattleite. Her favorite way to spend the day is restaurant-hopping around town, usually starting close to home in the Pike Place Market.

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    Thanks for sharing a little bit about your experience. I”m so glad you guys were able to go up in the air with us. I”ve always felt like it”s one of those things you just have to do to really understand.

    p.s. LOVE your site. I spent a while putting together different staycation ideas from the pinboard. It was so fun!

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    As a foreign visitor to Seattle I recommend Kenmore Air for Seattle round
    -trips and whale watching trips as well. Flying in a seaplane is real fun.

    • Avatar

      Reading this makes my deioiscns easier than taking candy from a baby.

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