Momma’s Night Out: Wine & Paint Edition


Girls night out!

Wine makes me an artist. In fact, wine turned my three girlfriends into artists too. That’s what I found out when I had a Momma’s Night Out and visited Urban Enoteca for an evening with Corks & Canvas Events.  For this event, we pre-registered online and then made our way to the venue. Urban Enoteca is a quick 15-minute cab ride from Downtown Seattle into the SoDo neighborhood. I’ve visited an Enoteca in Florence, Italy so I was curious to see what I would discover in my own Seattle backyard.


Appetizers at Urban Enoteca.

Sure enough, it was a space filled with different unique wineries and craft breweries, all sharing their creations under one roof. It was a warm and inviting atmosphere and I quickly cozied into my surroundings, sans toddlers. My girlfriends and I dove into a tray of little appetizers and a glass of wine.

After getting our creative juices flowing, we tied on our red aprons, sat down to our canvases, paints, brushes, and began listening to the step-by-step directives of the artist instructor. Looking at the finished product she had in front of us, I was not so sure I was capable of that outcome. But after two hours of mixing paint colors, learning little stroke techniques, and putting my own spin on it, I left with a piece I was proud of. In fact, it’s on display at my home right now!


Voila. C’est fini!

If you’re intrigued and want to try this on your own, check out Corks & Canvas Events for their list of upcoming public classes – just click on the calendar link. They have public classes scheduled at venues in Seattle and in Woodinville. I highly suggest finding one taking place at Urban Enoteca. The night could not have been more perfect!

Yep, wine makes me an artist. It must be because I was drinking Washington wine.

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Kim Ellertson

Kimberly Ellertson is the Director of Marketing for the Greater Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, also the place she calls her hometown. She’s a wife to an adventure-seeking husband and momma to two active young boys. She and her family enjoy exploring and outdoor adventure around Washington State. She’s also known to enjoy a girl’s night out with a glass of #WAwine from Woodinville in hand!

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