"Short Cut," by artist Dan Webb; Photo: David Newman

Visual Arts

Art is everywhere!

Nearly 200 galleries and five excellent art museums in the Seattle area allow you access to exhibits of every kind. However, you need not enter a gallery to experience great art. Seattle was one of the first cities in the nation to enact a program to integrate art in public projects and you’ll find art in unexpected places throughout the city. Find your way with these excellent maps & apps.

Seattle is widely known as a center for glass art, and our legendary natural beauty is enhanced by spectacular public displays. World-famous glass artist Dale Chihuly’s work is on full glorious view at Chihuly Garden and Glass, but also graces public areas from the stunning chandeliers at Benaroya Hall to the Seaforms at the Seattle Aquarium.  Many other top artists in the region are setting new standards for this historic and popular art form.

When it comes to architecture, Seattle is again showing an innovative edge. The eye-popping Central Library, the psychedelic EMP Museum, and the contemplative St. Ignatius Chapel are just a few of the better known examples.

From historic Pioneer Square to the funky Fremont district, art is all around.

Upcoming Visual Art Events

Observing Observing (a white cup)

9/12/2015 through 10/31/2015

Observing Observing (a white cup) is a show about how artists who observe, observe. The show is curated …

Details Event Website

Holiday Small Work Sale

Gage Academy of Art
11/23/2015 through 12/18/2015

Artists from the Gage community are invited to exhibit and sell small works throughout the holiday season. This …

Details Event Website

Gage Instructor Studio Sale

Gage Academy of Art
9/14/2015 through 10/9/2015

Gage Instructors Suzanne Brooker, Julia Ricketts and Kimberly Trowbridge exhibit small- to medium-sized work from their personal studios, …

Details Event Website

Tom Hoffmann

Fountainhead Gallery
10/8/2015 through 10/31/2015

Hoffmann is a well established Northwest watercolor artist and teacher at the Gage Academy of Art. He returns …

Details Event Website

Select Atelier Student Work

Gage Academy of Art
10/19/2015 through 11/13/2015

Current, select, students from the Magrath, Aristides and Kang-O’Higgins Ateliers at Gage exhibit their personal work made outside …

Details Event Website

Jennifer Frohwerk and Anne Belov

Fountainhead Gallery
10/8/2015 through 10/31/2015

Jennifer Frohwerk and Anne Belov will be showing their architectural oil paintings together in a two person exhibit. …

Details Event Website

Extraordinary Ordinary People: American Masters of Traditional Arts

Jack Straw Productions and New Media Gallery
9/11/2015 through 11/30/2015

In every community, individuals with excellence and authenticity contribute to the rich artistic and cultural legacies of the …

Details Event Website

Artists, Architects and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890-1918

Good Shepherd Center
10/24/2015 through 10/24/2015

Charles Hill provides a comprehensive talk about Canadian art. Artists, Architects and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890–1918 was a …

Details Event Website

Photo Interactive Experience

Seattle Center
10/6/2015 through 10/7/2015

Presented by the world’s leading digital photography website, DPReview (www.dpreview.com) based in Seattle, in association with Amazon.com and …

Details Event Website



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