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Seattle Arts: The unconventional intersection of culture, fun, and quirkiness.

Seattle’s reputation is one of a great arts city, but the arts scene also has an unconventional side. For instance, the public art collection features 400 works that enliven parks, bridges, and streets. Public art program artist’s design everything from buildings to manhole covers. And Seattle isn’t just known for visual art. After all, this was the home of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Even the Seattle Symphony Orchestra stays on trend with adventurous contemporary works. The Pacific Northwest Ballet embraces current choreographers that explore new dance, and Seattle features more than 140 producing theatre companies. Overall, Seattle is the cultural center of the Northwest, and its arts scene mirrors its inhabitants.

Arts & Culture Partners

Showbox Market

  • Address 1426 First Ave, Seattle WA 98101
  • Phone (206) 628-0221
  • Website

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Opera

  • Address 321 Mercer St, Seattle WA 98109
  • Phone (206) 389-7676
  • Website

5th Avenue Theatre

  • Address 1326 Fifth Ave, Ste 735, Seattle WA 98101
  • Phone (206) 625-1418 - Administration
  • Website




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