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STIA Month End Recap



The first quarter ended on a strong note for Seattle – achieving record occupancy for the month of March while growing rate by 5%. The month finished at 85.4% occupancy, an increase from last year’s 82%. Seattle’s occupancy was 2nd among the West Coast competitive set, behind only Phoenix (88.6%). Overall RevPAR grew 9.5% – bringing the YTD results to an increase of 1.8%.

Two large convention center groups – Higher Education User Group and US & Canadian Academy of Pathology –contributed to an increase in the Group segment both in rooms and average rate. The Transient segment grew as well, despite the fact that we hosted the NCAA Basketball Tournament opening rounds in March 2015.

Vancouver (up 22% in RevPAR) and Los Angeles (up 13%) saw the strongest RevPAR growth amongst the competitive set. Through the first quarter, Los Angeles (up 18%), San Francisco (up 17.8%), and Vancouver (up 14.7%) have seen the best RevPAR growth.


Facing a very difficult comparison against a record performance in 2015, April’s RevPAR declined 6.1% – primarily driven by changing patterns in convention center groups. Occupancy fell to 82.5% while ADR fell slightly from $178 to $174. Seatte’s occupancy was 3rd highest among the West Coast competitive set – behind San Francisco (85.6%) and Portland (83.9%).

Convention Center group business was comprised primarily of corporate groups in 2016 – most notably Tableau Sales Kickoff, Boeing Global Supplier Conf, and Emerald City ComiCon. There were sizable association groups in 2015 – including Specialty Coffee Association, American Planning Association, and American Association for Thoracic Surgery. The association groups primarily peaked over weekend dates and we were unable to replace the demand, especially on Sunday’s and Monday’s in 2016.

On a YTD basis, Seattle’s RevPAR performance is down slightly in RevPAR by .6%. The decline is driven by the soft results in January and April.

Los Angeles (30.4%) and Vancouver (29.5%) both saw significant increases in RevPAR in April, and are the top performing markets on a YTD basis as well.


Photo: Kristen Marie Photography

Photo: Kristen Marie Photography

Taste Washington

We are proud to announce that this year’s Taste Washington was a huge success.  The majority of the events were up 20% over last year. Here are the important digits:

  • Overall attendance: 6,439
    • Grand Tasting attendance: 5,258
    • Wineries at Grand Tasting: 237
    • Wines poured: 700
    • Number of oysters shucked: 575 dozen
  • Attendee breakdown:
    • 25% of ticket buyers are from Seattle
    • 60% of ticket buyers are from Washington State
    • Which means 40% of attendees came from out of state. We are thrilled with these numbers – further proof that this event is truly becoming a destination affair.

2017 will be the 20th Annual Taste Washington and the planning process has begun to ensure it will be a proper celebration.  The dates will be announced soon and were selected with the understanding of what other business is happening in the city, while still keeping the event in March, which is a mandate of the agreement with the Washington State Wine Commission.


Since we launched this past September,  our videos (Seattle First Takes & Sounds by the Sound) have been viewed nearly 70 million times.

On YouTube alone users have consumed over 160,000 hours of Sounds By The Sound episodes, that equates to 6,666 days.  This does not account for the consumers that have tuned in to watch on Revolt TV.

Additionally, we have had over 1 million views of the full First Takes episodes and over 5 million views of the abbreviated trailers.

When we dive into whom is watching and engaging with our content we find some great news.  We have great traffic from markets we have been pursuing, in addition to some new potential targets. Our top markets currents are: New York, California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and Illinois.

Overall, we are seeing more engaged visitor traffic to our sites – site traffic is up 44% and page views are up 41% over last year.  So we are inviting the right visitors to our content and they are interested in what they are finding.


Best Practices – How to use content in your own channels

One of the benefits of content creation as an advertising strategy is to create assets that hotel partners can also use / take advantage of in their own channels.  We’ve included some tips below or go here for more ideas.

Sample Facebook posts:

  • You may not always see Allen Stone singing on it – but the monorail will give you easy access from downtown to Seattle Center. Watch this unique performance on Sounds by the Sound.
  • Seattle’s music scene is as diverse as the city itself. See a wide range of emerging talent share why the Seattle music scene is so special in Sounds by the Sound. Who’s your favorite Seattle artist?
  • Seattle is the star in the show Sounds by the Sound on REVOLT TV where you can watch episodes every Monday night at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST or watch online anytime at


We have carved out the STIA subset and have compiled transient weekday/weekend rate, occupancy and revpar by month. We are reporting 2016 results as compared to a five year average (2011 – 2015) and to 2015 performance. The full report is located on the dashboard.

March YTD RevPAR Overall 2016 %Change YTD RevPAR Weekend 2016 %Change
5 year average $68.54 $67.78
2015 $86.87 $85.05
2016 $87.61 0.8% $79.64 -6.4%


April YTD RevPAR Overall 2016 %Change YTD RevPAR Weekend 2016 %Change
5 year average $71.84 $72.20
2015 $91.93 $90.13
2016 $91.61 -0.4% $85.36 -5.3%



  • March YTD collections: $1,626,354 (not all collections recorded)
  • April YTD collections: $2,307,971 (not all collections recorded)



  • March YTD expenditures: $3,042,797
  • April YTD expenditures: $4,039,785


Monthly activity and social media are reported in graph form. For detailed information on any of our initiatives, please contact us.


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