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Media Hosting Policy

The Visit Seattle Public Relations Department coordinates group and individual media visits in Seattle throughout the year. Requests are handled on an individual basis and the level of support provided depends upon the journalist’s story, advance notice provided, time of year, length of stay and the ability of Seattle hotels and attractions to assist. If you’re a journalist who is planning a trip to Seattle and need assistance, the following steps will help us to help you:

  • Contact the Visit Seattle Public Relations Department with as much lead time as possible. At least 30 days notice is appreciated.
  • Include a letter of assignment from the media organization you represent and a description of your assigned story, including what you intend to cover, story length (word count or running time) and the date the story will be published or aired.
  • Specify the circulation or audience size and other relevant demographic information about the media organization you represent.
  • Provide samples of previously published stories. If you are a freelance journalist, this will be especially helpful in coordinating your visit.
  • Upon publication of story, please forward copies/links of the related coverage.
  • Depending on the nature of the assignment, Visit Seattle can assist you with accommodations, suggested itineraries, passes to attractions and more. Please note that complimentary arrangements are provided through the discretion of host businesses and are subject to the availability and interest of each property. Black-out periods may be experienced during the year (such as the during the summer months) which may necessitate a press rate, especially for hotel accommodations and meals. Also, please note that complimentary accommodations include only room rate and tax, not incidentals such as phone charges or room service.
  • While complimentary meals can be requested, they are provided at the discretion of the host restaurant and Visit Seattle cannot provide meals in the instance of complimentary meals not being available. Complimentary meals exclude gratuity and alcohol and will only be for one person, unless the host wishes to extend the invitation to additional patrons.
  • Visit Seattle cannot provide airfare for your trip, nor can it pay for ground transportation, although a list of local rental companies will be supplied if requested.

Fact Checking for Seattle Stories

Fact checking services are offered to journalists writing about Seattle. To submit a manuscript by e-mail, please click here. You may also fax to the attention of ‘Public Relations’ at (206) 461-5857. Please specify your deadline and allow for at least a 48-hour turnaround.

Seattle Images for Editorial Use

Images for editorial use are available to members of the media. In order to obtain these images via an online image gallery link, send an email to In most instances we are able to fulfill your request the same business day.

B-roll video footage of Seattle

Stock B-roll video footage featuring unedited Seattle scenes is available for editorial use by broadcast media. The B-roll is free of charge for such use for a period of 30 days; however, a Video Use Contract must be submitted in order for a loan to be considered. A credit card number and signature are required on the form to guarantee the return of tapes.

Once a B-roll loan is approved, the tape will be mailed immediately for delivery within three to five business days. Express delivery is available if the video recipient provides an express mail account number and the video use contract is received and approved no later than 2 p.m. Pacific Time on the shipment day.

If interested in Seattle B-roll for editorial purposes, please email with a complete proposal and information about intended use.





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