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Seattle City Contacts

City of Seattle Office of Special Events

The Seattle Special Events Office processes applications for review by the Special Events Committee and the City’s Special Event Coordinator serves as your primary contact with the Seattle Special Events Committee.

Main Contacts:

Chris Swenson
Manager, Citywide Events
Chair, Special Events Committee

Sam Mouser
Permit Specialist, Special Events Office

Julie Borden
Administrative Specialist, Special Events Office

Seattle Special Events Resources and Links

Special Event Forms & Applications
This link includes access to forms and applications necessary for hosting Special Events throughout the downtown Seattle limits. This includes special valet parking permits, park use applications, and noise variance needs. It also includes samples for street festival maps, beer garden parameters and race route maps.

Washington State Liquor Control Board

Main Contacts for King County:

Alana Cooper

Lt. Susan Blake

Banquet Permits for Private Events
A banquet permit is a permit you apply for that allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Examples include weddings, company banquets, retirement parties, and club, organization or church events.

Special Occasions License Application
Special Occasion License is a permit that allows a bona fide nonprofit organization to sell liquor at a specified date, time and place. Examples include a fundraising dinner, gala event, auction, or wine tasting.

Seattle Fire Department

Seattle Fire Department Permits
This link gives you access to Special Event Fire Permits and guidelines for using facilities for events other than what they are originally intended for. This includes fairs, concerts, sporting events and festivals.

Main Contact:

Capt. Tim Munnis

Lt. Tom Heun

Public Safety at Seattle Special Events

Main Contact:

Seattle Police Operations Center – General Line

Lt. Ken Hicks
Fixed Post Police Officers

Seattle Department of Transportation

For street use permits, traffic control plans, etc.

Main Contact:

Mike Shea

Seattle & King County Public Health Department

For food permits and health department regulation information.

Main Contact:

Cherie MacLeod




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