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We invite you to experience the rich cultural heritage of Seattle. Explore Native American art and culture at Seattle Art Museum and the Burke Museum. Learn about the significant Asian and Scandinavian contributions to this region by visiting the Wing Luke Asian Museum or the Nordic Heritage Museum.  Discover Northwest African American culture at the Northwest African American Museum. The historic Pioneer Square district features the Underground Tour, a glimpse of Seattle as it was before the Great Fire in 1889.  And no trip to Seattle is complete without visiting Pike Place Market, a nine acre historic district that is one of Seattle's most famous landmarks and a beloved destination for residents and visitors alike.

The image above is a detail from the story pole at the Admiral Way viewpoint in West Seattle, by Duwamish carver Michael Halady. Visit the nearby Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center for more history, art and and culture.

Updated & Expanded! Seattle Cultural Guides

Explore Seattle's African American, Asian American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American and Nordic American history and heritage in our series of free Cultural Guides to the city and region.

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Take part in a traditional tribal celebration or seek out some interesting stories from long-time denizens of Seattle's nine acre historic district, Pike Place Market. Take a morning stroll from piers 54-59, the historic wooden pier district, or while away an afternoon in the historic Pioneer Square District.

A strong Native American, Asian and Scandinavian presence has greatly impacted the development of this area. From the original inhabitants of this coastal region, to immigrants seeking a new start, the Pacific Northwest has become a melting pot of wonderfully diverse cultures. More...

Let these local experts guide you in your search for more information about Seattle’s rich history and heritage. More...


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All new for 2013! Discover Seattle and the Puget Sound region through the eyes of some of the musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, directors and other creative artists who live here. Artists' View of Seattle, Third Edition. (3.5mb)