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Seattle is one of the most progressive cities in the country when it comes to environmental awareness, and its area hotels are no exception. From water and energy conservation to organic cleaning products to sustainable building materials, the city’s hotels are catering to visitors who are looking for environmentally friendly businesses.
Recycling has been a way of life in Seattle for two decades and local hotels share this lifestyle with their guestes. Many hotels are recycling the paper, cardboard, cans and glass that are an inevitable part of a guest’s stay, reducing water usage with low-flow faucets and toilets, using less energy-thirsty compact fluorescents and offering guests the choice of reusing sheets and towels during their stay (thereby reducing energy, detergent and water required by daily washing). Each of the hotels below use some or all of these strategies, and they’ve also found some other creative ways to conserve precious resources.

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Green Certifications & Awards

Sheraton Seattle Hotel
The Sheraton Seattle Hotel earned an eco-rating of four from Green Leafs by Autobon International in August 2010, making it the first eco-rated facility in Washington State. The Sheraton Seattle saves more than 4,800 kilowatts of electricity a year and recycles about 12 tons of materials a month. Those stats were also enough to land it on the list of Top-10 Green Hotels in the U.S. by the Mother Nature Network.
Hyatt at Olive 8
Hyatt at Olive 8
LEED is the standard in environmental building, and when the Hyatt at Olive 8 opened in 2009, it became the first such certified hotel in Seattle. It features a living roof, automatic electricity shutoffs when guests aren’t in the room, exhaust recycling to create power that would have been wasted otherwise and recycling throughout the hotel.

Alexis Hotel, Seattle
David Phelps
Recycling isn’t uncommon in Seattle — some just take it a little more seriously. Kimpton Hotels’ Seattle locations (Alexis Hotel, Hotel Monaco and Hotel Vintage Park) participate in the group’s EarthCare Program, which, among other things, provides designer recycling bins in each guest room. All printed materials use recycled paper and soy-based inks, and guests with hybrid vehicles have the privilege of parking for free at the Alexis and Vintage Park locations. All of this has led to Energy Star certification.
Heathman in Seattle
The Heathman Hotel
The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland’s energy-saving measures have qualified it for Energy Star certification as well. All of the hotel’s expended energy is recovered and recycled in a heat-recovery loop, and all guest rooms are included in a network of computer-controlled thermostats and energy conservation units that automatically adjust to save energy in unoccupied units.

Sustainable Practices
Fairmont Olympic Hotel
The Fairmont Olympic Hotel
The Fairmont Olympic Hotel composts leftover food from its kitchen by separating it and sending it to a composting company. After about 90 days, the food is broken down and made into usable products like mulch. The hotel also uses steam for heating and hot water, which is generated by a plant that burns recycled wood instead of fossil fuels.

Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle
Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle is North America’s first Green Globe certified hotel. Since its inception, the property’s award-winning PanEarth sustainability program has raised money for Seattle charitable organizations, donated more than 7,000 pounds of food and has sanitized over 1,500 pounds of soap through Clean the World. Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle staff have also committed over 225 hours of volunteer time to local causes.

Eco Products

Every room at The Best Western Plus Executive Inn is an “EcoRoom” that features more than a dozen different eco-conscious products, including nontoxic cleaning chemicals and lotion and liquid-soap products dispensed from refillable containers in the bathrooms.
The Doubletree Arctic Club Hotel feature Kiehl’s body products, which are environmentally friendly, produce no landfill waste and use recycled packaging. The hotel also composts food waste, utilizes a hot-water reuse system for laundry and dishwashing, and conducts steam-condensate recycling to reduce use of fossil fuels for heating.


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