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Seattle Welcomes
The 2013 NLC Congress of Cities

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Seattle is pleased to welcome the 2013 NLC Congress of Cities.
We couldn’t be more proud to host your meeting.

Seattle is a place where bike messengers share elevators with world-renowned researchers. It’s a place where fishermen have lunch alongside top surgeons. It’s a city where the extraordinary is commonplace and commonplace is anything but. And, if you look closely, you just might discover that in Seattle there are more amazing things happening all around you.

Seattle’s world-changing events all have a distinct sound—from jet engines to espresso machines and grunge rock, your Seattle experience will be anything but ordinary. In Seattle you have the opportunity to encounter the sound of an orca blowing as it surfaces, the roar of the crowds at Safeco Field or the near silence of the Olympic rainforest. Come to Seattle and hear for yourself.

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