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DINING: Northwest Cuisine

What it is:
Founded on the principles of fresh simplicity and preserving natural coastal flavors, Northwest cuisine brings the best of the earth and ocean to your plate.

Why you'll love it:
The Seattle area's rich soils and moist growing conditions translate into rustic and robust flavors highlighted by an assortment of saltwater indulgences and catch-of-the-day-inspired specials. Northwest ingredients are often matched with international (often Asian) flavors and prepared using European cooking techniques, creating wholly unique explosions of taste.

Must-tastes from Seattle's menus:

  • Berry heaven: Sweet and tart huckleberries, Bing cherries and Washington blueberries make tantalizing smoothies, strudels and chutneys.
  • Seafood smorgasbord: Menus are loaded with locally caught salmon, Dungeness crab and shellfish galore. Try oysters, mussels and clams baked, barbecued or steamed.
  • Fabulous fungi: Regional forests provide key environments for ample wild mushrooms. Sample the tasty chanterelle, morel and hedgehog varieties.
  • Organic clarity: Chefs tend to stick with straightforward, natural flavors, creating entrees from the region's bounty that include asparagus, sweet onions, apples, peaches, and organic herbs.
  • Fusion flare: Seattle menus are often spiked with Eastern and Pacific Rim influences, and the city has no shortage of restaurants featuring authentic curry, soy-sauteed, mangobraised and coconut-infused delicacies.
  • Vino scene: The latest and greatest Washington wines are often the foundation of five-course feasts and Seattle's popular wine-pairing events. Take time to sip some regional chardonnay, riesling, cabernet and syrah.

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