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Encourage visitors to interact with your business through listings and ads in our free Visit Seattle online and print publications.

Visit Seattle publications get you noticed.
After joining, you’ll get access to a partners-only website where you can update your listings at any time. Our staff can help you determine your differentiators and suggest ways to help you stand out from the crowd.
Official Visitor Guide. Distributed annually to 350,000 individual travelers, our city guide promotes top attractions, neighborhoods, excursions and activities. 
  • Published in June and November (Ad sales close April and Sept)
  • Early bird sales close March 1st and August 9th   
Dining Guide: Each year, Visit Seattle targets 100,000 visiting diners by printing and distributing an over-run of the dining information from the Official Visitor Guide. This popular guide includes one free listing per Visit Seattle partner restaurant or bar – as well as spotlight, full-page and half-page advertising opportunities.  

  • Published in June and November (Ad sales close April and Sept) 
  • Early bird sales close March 1st and August 9th
Professional Travel Planners Guide. A minimum of 7,500 travel agents, wholesalers and tour operators use this indispensable guide to connect with Visit Seattle partners. Help travel professionals find your products and services by featuring your unique offerings. 
  • Published in November (Ad sales close October)
  • Early bird sales close September 6th   
Meeting Planners Guide. Considered by 5,000 convention and meeting planners as the essential “yellow pages” of Seattle’s hospitality and convention business, this guide offers listings and targeted ad opportunities.
  • Published in September (Ad sales close July) 
  • Early bird sales close May 31st. 
Cultural Guides. These great printed guides help visitors explore the city's rich Native American, Asian American, and African American cultural heritage. Pamphlets feature museums and historic sites, public art works and tourist attractions that give visitors an insider's view of Seattle's ethnic communities and unique history.
See our Seattle Cultural Guides online

Visit Seattle online websites and services: 

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Online Official Visitors Guide.
More than 135,000 travelers visit every month. Each has the opportunity to access our electronic version of Seattle’s official city guide promoting top attractions, neighborhoods and activities.

See our Virtual Visitors Guide

Online Meeting Planners Guide.
This is the electronic version of the printed guide distributed to professionals who plan conventions and meetings in Seattle. Visit Seattle partners get one free listing and can purchase additional listings or links or update listings anytime throughout the year.
Online Professional Travel Planners Guide. This is the electronic version of the printed guide distributed to travel professionals, tour operators and travel agents. Partners can purchase additional listings or links. Partners can update listings anytime throughout the year.
See our Virtual Travel Planners Guide

Dining Guide.  From bars and diners to restaurants and caterers, this search engine on helps travelers and tourists search dining by cuisine or neighborhood. Visit Seattle partners with dining and drinking establishments get one free listing.