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Partnership Benefits

Visit Seattle partnership means more leads, more exposure and more people working to promote what you have to offer. Your partnership gives you the chance to take an active role in attracting tourism to our area. 

Partnership puts you on our team. Instantly, you become part of the select businesses that Visit Seattle showcases to over 10 million area visitors. Become an integral part of a community that welcomes travelers and benefits from their business.  

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Tangible ways to interact with visitors. Your one-year partnership puts your business in the hands of over 10 million potential customers who utilize our website, Partnership Directory and Visitors Center. 
Exposure via our free publications. We’ll help you get in front of of over 10 million people via your targeted listing in our free publications for travel trade, meeting planners and visitors. 

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Profitable leads and referrals. Visit Seattle promotes our partners as first-line resources to visiting travel professionals, meeting planners, travel journalists and visitors who ask us to connect them with local resources.
Inside scoop on who’s coming to town.  Discover who is planning conventions in town —and bringing large groups of potential customers with them. Our Convention Digest is available only to partners, so you can target meeting planners directly to drum up potential new business.

New business connections. Partnership introduces you to more than 1,200 Visit Seattle partner businesses. Interact to develop new business ideas. Team up for cooperative marketing and advertising efforts.   

Industry news and resources. Knowledge is power and Visit Seattle provides your business with information about the travel trade, tourism and new developments that can help you plan how to best attract travelers. 
Marketing tools to promote your business. Visit Seattle partnership connects you with a team of individuals that creates partner events, seminars and resources you can use to market your unique business. 

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