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Get to know the city of Seattle

Facts, Attractions & Events

We want to ensure you have everything you need to help entice delegates to Seattle, a unique city they’ll love to explore and get to know for themselves.
How to Tell Seattle's Story
These destination facts, attractions and events include prepared copy, background and promotional materials that meeting planners can use utilize in promotional materials to paint a compelling picture of what Seattle has to offer groups coming to town for conventions and meetings.

Seattle Fact Sheet
Find out where Seattle got its name, when it was settled and key facts about our population, demographics, weather and tourism statistics. Access the Seattle fact sheet here.

Annual Events
Seattle is a hotbed of activity, from concerts to museum exhibits to theater. See now what events will be occurring in our city when your delegates arrive. Access Seattle's online events calendar here.

Family Fun

Our city boasts an abundance of family-friendly attractions, many within walking distance for one another. Combined with easy walkability, Seattle is considered a top family destination by kids and parents alike. Click here to find family friendly recommendations.

Whether you like to be outside visiting the Pike Place Market's vendors or tucked away in one of the city's wonderful museums, Seattle's attractions hold a little something for everyone. Click here for some of Seattle's top attractions.

Seattle on a Budget
Seattle offers an impressive array of free or affordable attractions and experiences for the whole family year-round. Click here for Seattle's budget activities. Times and prices are subject to change.

Seattle Accolades
In the past two years Seattle has been named the #9 summertime tourist destination by the American Society of Travel Agents, the #4 safest city in America by and the #1 top U.S. cities for men by Men's Health magazine. Click here to see some other Seattle accolades from over the years.