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Pacific Northwest Ballet Presents Original Production of Cinderella

Pacific Northwest Ballet presents the long-awaited return of former Artistic Director and Principle Choreographer Kent Stowell’s original production of Cinderella, on stage at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Feb. 4-13. In the production, which originally premiered in May 1994, Stowell departs from earlier modern versions of Cinderella. When crafting the ballet, Stowell drew from the original French fairy tale by Charles Perrault to create a rendition of Cinderella that features romantic themes of love lost and love found, rather than the comic-tragic feeling of many contemporary versions.

Roles for the entire Company as well as PNB School students combine with 120 detailed costumes and elaborately painted backdrops to tell the story of a young woman who tries to cope bravely with her new home life. Following the death of her beloved mother and her father’s remarriage, Cinderella is visited by her fairy godmother who guides her towards her future happiness with the Prince.

For tickets, show times and more information visit pnb.org.

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