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Marry Me In Seattle, A Celebration of Marriage Equality

To kick off the initiative Visit Seattle is giving away four Seattle weddings to LGBTQ couples from out-of-state at iconic venues.  Over 50 partners donated goods and services to ensure these weddings are a true Seattle experience.  Seattle’s first openly gay Mayor, Ed Murray will be officiating the first ceremony.

Additionally, an entire section of the 2DaysInSeattle.com (2DaysInSeattle.com/MarryMe) is now a dedicated resource for couples looking to wed in Seattle.  This resource guide includes special year-round hotel packages and offers for LGBTQ couples. 

The campaign and sweepstakes were developed in collaboration with Visit Seattle’s agency Copacino+Fujikado, with funding by the Seattle Tourism Improvement Area.

For sweepstakes details, more information about marriage equality and LGBTQ special wedding offers, visit 2DaysInSeattle.com/MarryMe.

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