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Washington State Now Collecting Tolls on State Route 520 Bridge

Beginning Dec. 29, 2011, Washington State began electronic tolling on the State Route (SR) 520 Bridge, which connects Seattle with communities with cities to the east, across Lake Washington. As all tolling with be electronic, it is important for visitors who will take trips across the SR 520 Bridge to know the two methods of payment available to them.

Visitors using their own cars for travel or infrequent drivers without a permanent Good To Go! account have two options to pay the SR 520 Bridge toll:

1. A Good To Go! Short Term Account is designed for visitors driving their own car or infrequent drivers who will use the SR 520 Bridge, but do not want to set up and fund a permanent account. Drivers simply register their license plates on the account and each toll is charged directly to a credit or debit card. A Short Term Account is valid for up to 14 days before it automatically closes. Drivers have up to 72 hours after they travel the SR 520 Bridge to set up this type of account. Short Term Account toll rates are $0.50 less than Pay By Mail toll rates.

2. Drivers who do not have any type of Good To Go! account can wait to receive a Pay By Mail toll bill in the mail. Washington State has a reciprocal agreement with all other states to obtain registered owner information, so out-of-state drivers will still receive a toll bill by mail.

For more information on how visitors can set up a Good To Go! account visit

If you are renting a car and plan on crossing Lake Washington, please inquire with the rental company you are using as to how they are handling toll payments, either when making the reservation or prior to leaving the rental agency. Each rental car agency has a different policy surrounding how they process tolls or pass the fees along to their customers and it is important to be aware of these prior to accumulating any toll fees.

Toll rates vary based on day of week, time of day and method of payment. Rates range from $1.10 to $5. For more information on toll rates, visit

For general SR 520 Tolling FAQ, visit


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